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Busting Silos is a unique, one-day training program designed by communication and change experts.

It’s also available as an e-program, consisting of nine weekly e-lessons delivered straight to your inbox.

Becoming a silo buster

Busting Silos is a program designed for anyone who needs to create better outcomes by getting individuals and teams to collaborate with each other.

It aims to give participants the skills to break down barriers and build better working relationships—both with other teams within your organisation and with external stakeholders.

Busting Silos is about:

Becoming more strategic, resilient and effective

Working together with business partners to create collaborative outcomes

Understanding your own role in working collaboratively

Reducing rework and delays caused by poor relationships and misunderstandings

Improving your team’s reputation in the organisation

Improving change resilience and psychological safety

Reducing conflict

Increasing satisfaction at work, particularly in roles with significant cross-functional dependencies

Bridging organisational divides

The e-learning program consists of nine lessons emailed weekly for nine weeks. The program costs AU$299, plus GST.

Learning outcomes

After attending Busting Silos, you and your team will be able to:

– Achieve better outcomes, in ambiguous and uncertain scenarios, such as organisational change.

– Learn how to build better working relationships with other people.

– Understand how to work together more effectively, and also more compassionately and enjoyably.

And you’ll gain an overall sense of confidence and satisfaction in your ability to work with others.

Your Facilitators

Melissa Dark MA (Communication) has more than 25 years’ experience in organisational communication. She provides advice and strategy to ensure the right people get the right messages at the right time to enable them to work effectively and engagingly.

Dr Jen Frahm’s PhD research looked at the role of dialogue in creating change in
government agencies. Today, she supports leaders worldwide in creating collaborative cultures and creating more agile workplaces.

Find out more

Like to know more? Let us help you find out how Busting Silos can break down barriers in your organisation. Contact us today:

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